Entering motherhood should be a happy phase for women. However, many new moms find themselves plagued with stress over pregnancy pounds. With a full-time job of infant care, new mothers must be tired, busy, and emotionally drained. How can mommies in Singapore lose weight after pregnancy easily and quickly?

Well, it may sound crazy but there is a way! And all you have to do is relax and let someone else do all the work (for once)!

Postnatal massage in Singapore is extremely popular – from famous blogger Tammy Tay to corporate women, all mothers found benefits in a regular 60min massage session.

What is postnatal massage, and how does it help weight loss after pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, one of the biggest problems mothers face are poor blood circulation. This often leads to water retention – also known as postnatal edema. The pushing and kneading movements of postnatal massage activates blood circulation of the body. Plus, traditional massage encourage lymphatic flow. Draining of lymphatic fluids can reduce water retention and bloating for women.

2. Tone your body back to its original shape through the massage strokes. Sometimes, it is not weight loss after pregnancy that you’re seeking for. The stretching of your skin during pregnancy may leave your body out of shape. Don’t worry though! Our skin and muscles are supple and can be tightened and toned… with the right steps. Instead of dieting for weight loss, choose the less miserable version: massage!

What other massage benefits are there?

From easing breastfeeding to preventing postpartum depression, postnatal massage has huge benefits. In Singapore, massages are the go-to for stressed office workers or athletes with sore muscles. Stress and body soreness are the few symptoms suffered by mothers right after childbirth. Weight loss after pregnancy is just one of the many, many positive effects of postnatal massage.

Where to get postnatal massage in Singapore?

Traditional & Holistic Post-natal Centre caters specially to new mothers in Singapore. They are experts in the services of Jamu massage, a traditional massage greatly suited for prenatal and postnatal women. Traditional & Holistic centre is highly acclaimed, providing services tailored to mother’s needs. Let them know what your priorities are – whether it be easing sore muscles, stimulating milk production, or weight loss. The staff will do their best to achieve your desired results.

Price range: $500 for 5 days package to $820 for 10 days package

New mothers, congrats on your beautiful child! Reward yourself with a well-deserved, relaxing massage session. Whatever your worries are about new motherhood, postnatal massage may hold the key to your relief. Weight loss after pregnancy can be an indulgent treat after all!


Disclaimer: There are contraindications of postnatal massage. Do speak to your healthcare practitioner and masseuse beforehand about any existing health issues.

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