As parents, we know the guilt that comes with treating yourself while leaving your kid at home. Hey, we deserve to indulge once in awhile! For all the hours we’ve put in being a good parent, let’s reward ourselves with a luxurious spa treatment.

Why not have the best of both worlds then? Here are the top kid-friendly spas in Singapore. From specialised baby spas to spa treatments suitable for teen-parent bonding, this is the give-all list for children of every age!

For your tiny tot

Did you know that massages are more beneficial to infants than adults? For better immune system and healthy growth, a baby should be held, touched, and stroked often. Massages can not only promote maximal growth, but also better sleep, healthier digestion, and rid of common infant-related problems (such as colic and gas)!


Your precious newborn deserves no less than a trained physiotherapist. Baby Spa is provides just that. Infants 2 years and below get to be personally massaged by the expert therapist – parents are welcome to try their hands too!

For non-members, a massage session is $26 – what a steal for your baby’s health. If you’re still hesitant, BabySpa offers a first-time discount so you can try it out first. They have expanded to an impressive 7 stores islandwide, so you’re bound to find a BabySpa near you.

BB Spa

A more upscale option for baby massage would be BB Spa. A team of highly certified professional therapist will lovingly massage your baby. Their dedicated hands will release oxytocin, a love hormone that encourages mother-child bonding and feel-good moods.

BB Spa is more expensive at $69 per session (before GST). They are centrally located at #05-02 of Paragon, Orchard. So this is the perfect place to drop by after a shopping trip. A day out of the house can be stressful for young children, so a massage would be ideal to soothe and destress your baby.

For your growing teen

Four Seasons Spa

At Four Seasons Spa, request for a Teen Treatment. Your teen can enjoy a mini version of the calm facial and massage that you’re having too! There are few better ways to bond with your teen than with a soothing, indulgent spa session. Share a precious chat with your child at a sanctuary while having your worries kneaded away!

The treatments at Four Seasons Spa is slightly pricier, starting at $155 and above for adults. It’ll be a fantastic treat for yourself and your teen. Find the spa at 190 Orchard Boulevard.

Auriga Spa @ Capella Hotel


The ultimate getaway for you and your child begins at Auriga Spa. Sentosa is a family-friendly vacation spot, popular even among Singaporeans. After a day out at the luge, Adventure Cove, and USS, where can you relax and wind down your excited child? At Auriga Spa of course!

Tucked away in the natural rainforrest of Sentosa Island, Auriga Spa has a wide range of spa services from massages, body wraps, to facials. Not only is it a top selection for adult spas, it’s also one of the top kid-friendly spas in Singapore. Capella Hotel can be found at 1 The Knolls on Sentosa Island.

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