When it comes to massage services in Singapore, we often think of tai-tais, extravagant expenses, and special treats. Massages are not just a luxury though. Massage therapies in Singapore are often sought by health-nuts, serious athletes, and those with chronic injuries.

 Therapeutic Massage as Alternative Medicine in Singapore

If you suffer from muscle pains, the Active Release Technique (ART) may be your fast and permanent solution.

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Many plagued with problems such as:

  • Muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve problems
  • Headaches or backaches
  • Shoulder pain, tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shin splits, knee problems

have successfully been treated by ART massages therapies. Therapeutic massage works as a complementary medicine to the sufferer’s existing treatments. If other drug or surgical treatments fail, ART massage services are a natural and effective alternative medicine.

  Massage Services in Singapore for the Serious Athlete

Are you into fitness? Are you serious about it? If so, therapeutic massages may be a necessity for your muscles to recover.

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After an intense workouts, a body massage using the Active Release Technique heals your muscles to its optimal level. This ensures better motion and enhanced performance in later trainings.

 Overworked muscles reduce your athletic performance, and increases susceptibility to sports injuries. To avoid compromising your long-term physical health, regular massage therapies are a requirement. Maximum results for athletes can be achieved through certified Active Release Technique massages (ART) in Singapore.


What is the Active Release Technique?

ART is a patented massage technique that focuses on the soft tissue system and works with the client’s muscle movements.

It is based on the premise that muscles do not work in isolation: thus, healing muscles through massage provides the most wholesome and effective results. ART massage services in Singapore has outstanding benefits through its special features:

  • Massage therapy uses 500 moves unique to ART
  • Target specific problem for accurate correction
  • Client can adjust the therapy according to pain tolerance


What to expect from Active Release Technique massage treatment?


The trained ART masseuse will first evaluate your problem areas through gentle massage – testing the tightness and movement of your muscles. Many injuries are from overused muscles – including pulled muscles, muscle tears and collisions, or micro-trauma. In some cases, trapped nerves may cause muscle tingling, numbness, or weakness. Your trained ART therapist will note any restricted muscle movements; loss of strength; or muscle pain to accurately identify your problem area(s).

Treatment & Effects

A therapeutic body massage using Active Release Technique is deeply relaxing and healing. Not only can you indulge in a thoroughly enjoyable massage service, the beneficial after-effects are aplenty!

1. Firstly, feel all the tension drain from your muscles. The healing process begins when the muscle is relaxed, preventing soreness and subsequent injury.

2. ART massage therapy also prevents painful swelling and formation of scar tissues. In the long-run, muscles are kept at maximum health. The risk of accumulated micro-injuries, causing severe disabilities, is greatly reduced. 

3. With the prevention of injury and maintenance of healthy muscles, therapeutic massage is the path for enhanced athletic prowess. Your joints and muscles will experience an improved range of motion, which greatly improves your performance during sports.

4. For non-athletes, ART massage services are equally beneficial. Body massages are a long-term investment, to care for and rejuvenate our muscles, which degenerate with age and wear. Sufferers of chronic pain are treated by natural and safe methods in ART to achieve ultimate relief.

5. Active Release Technique in therapeutic massage not only improves our physical performance, but cares for our psychological well-being through greater health, pain relief, and relaxation.


 Where to find therapeutic massages in Singapore using Active Release Techniques?

Certified ART massage therapies can be received at fitness centres.

Ultimate Performance Fitness is a trusted personal training service that also provides the ART® (Active Release Techniques) Massage and Flexibility Programme. Big believers of tailored wellness, UP Fitness champions the therapeutic benefits of ART to maximum training performance. You can sign up for a free consultation regarding their ART package.

At Ziklag Fitness, fitness is not the sole focus – recovery and pain management are given equal emphasis. Their services include ART massage therapies as part of their corrective and rehabilitative training.


active release technique singapore


If you want to enjoy a spa massage treatment in Singapore catered to athletes, A&A Wellness Spa provides highly customized massages. For $98 per packaged session, A&A Wellness offers a specialized Sports Massage. The spa treatment promises the prevention and treatment of injury to enhance athletic performance.

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