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tangdynasty2Tang Dynasty is a traditional themed massage and spa in Singapore. They specialise in oriental massage. I made a trip down to the Bukit Timah branch with my husband.

This is the first thing you’ll see at the reception area of Tang Dynasty. As you can tell it’s already very Oriental themed – as its name implies. Red lanterns, chinese urns, and the decor popular in olden China.

Somehow I feel like this adds to their credibility. After all, I’m here for an Oriental massage right?

When you enter, the inside is very plush and luxurious. I felt like a Chinese empress. They even had those dividers often seen in Chinese period dramas! It’s gives a sense of greater privacy and exclusiveness. Together with the mild and atmospheric lighting, the whole place had a very Forbidden Palace feel. High class!

Adding to the royal treatment, Tang Dynasty’s staff offered us tea on a quaint tray. I loved the tea set! Tang Dynasty may be a massage and spa, but besides their therapies they have put in great effort into making the theme work. A+ for effort there!

I opted to have the Tang Dynasty classic – Oriental Body Massage. It’s priced at $60 for 60 min, which I find very reasonable! You can also have a 45min session, but I chose the longer one so my hubby could enjoy more of the ala carte treatments.

The massage was not bad. It felt like other full body massages in Singapore I have gone for. Although it wasn’t as ‘Oriental’ as I expected, it’s still good! The Tang Dynasty masseuse were expert and would regularly ask if I needed any adjustments in pressure.

If you’re looking for a more traditional or unique treatment (like Javanese or Balinese massage), you should look for other spas in Singapore.

tangdy2For the ala carte treament, they have everything from Ba Guan to Gua Sha! Hubby did Gua Sha and Ear Candling for 30 min each. We finished around the same time. He loved the treatments so much, especially Gua Sha. I think Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa is great for alternative medicine (TCM). Next time I’m here, I will definitely try their gua sha or ba guan therapies.

Overall, I would say that this is a place you can bring your husband if you enjoy full body massages. He can choose to have foot reflexology treatments, Gua Sha, Ba Guan, or ear cleaning while you have your massage. It’s not too expensive, and the Tang Dynasty staff are well-certified for traditional forms of alternative medicine.





Price List for Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa

Oriental Body Massage – $45 for 45 min / $60 for 60 min

Add $10 for Aroma Oil or Body Scrub

Foot Massage – $30 for 30 min / $60 for 60 min

Ba Guan / Gua Sha therapy – $40 for 30 min

Ear Candling / Ear Cleaning – $40 for 30 min

Kampong Glam Outlet
786 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198754.
Tel:  6686 6466
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 10am-6am next day

Bukit Timah Outlet
2 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599589.
Tel:  6894 6466
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs 10am-3am next day, Fri-Sat 10am-6am next day

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  • AngelDecember 3, 2015 at 3:12 am

    Suck service which told and ask the Counter Izzit full body massage mean Infront and behind… She reply yes, but after pay and massage is not full body massage end up still say 1 hrs not enough to do behind body what rubbish…

  • Han Jung LimJanuary 10, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    I tried 2 hour body massage in this shop two days ago. I’ve lived 13 years now in Singapore and tried many different massage places and can say know well about the massage.
    In conclusion, the first time experience in Tang Dynasty was awful. Firstly, the receptionist asked me if I want to use aroma oil and I added $10 for the oil. It makes my feeling a bit strange because normally the massage place does not charge for the oil. Anyway, the additional charge might be okay as long as the oil is good quality and the massage is good. The second bed impression was the fungi covered fully covered the room. It also could be skipped in this weather. The massage lady was good. She tried her best and I felt it, even though I cannot say she the best. At the last minutes, I guess it passed around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Because of the Massage lady’s nail, my back, neck area scratched and I screamed about it. After finishing the massage anyway, I complained about the situation to the receptionist and she mentioned it to another lady called manager. That was the my worst experience happened for last 13 years Singapore life ever. The lady called manager treated me like some trash. Talking with Chinese with such a big and wild voice and looking at me without any apologize or any service minded attitude. In front of many of the customers she kept talking something and showed her anger. I was sited in a bench because the receptionist asked and knew other massage ladies looked at me with bed emotion or fleeing. Even I did not understand what they are talking, I could feel the mood and it make me very upset. They treated me like such an odd person. My feeling was so bad and so embarrassed in front of the Chinese speakers who I’d never met before. I think as a customer, I could mentioned the situation or the feedback after the massage with expectation some apology or excuse from them. After passing 2 days, I still have some mental problem with their attitude and cannot sleep because I cannot stop thinking the situation. Terrible experience ever.


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