At Porcelain, we believe in 3 key philosophies in skincare.

Good skin should be clear and radiant from within – We do not advocate covering imperfections; instead, we seek to treat the root of the problem. That is why at Porcelain, all our staffs and regular clients do not wear foundation and concealer. By allowing our skin to breathe, our skin can gain radiance naturally.

No two skins are the same – At Porcelain, each treatment is customized specially according to our client’s skin condition. As the skin has changing needs, our treatments are flexible enough to suit your skin’s needs without having you to pay for add-on treatments. Also, every Porcelain Therapist will undergo rigorous trainings to ensure their proficiency in their skills and professionalism in delivering the facial treatments.

Skincare is a long term commitment – Often, clients look for fast, instant results from their skincare products and provider. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that skincare is a long term commitment. Just like going to the gym, one definitely cannot develop six packs immediately after one session. Likewise, one cannot achieve porcelain skin after just one treatment. This is why Porcelain aims to work hard by educating our clients on skincare, as well as establishing a trusted relationship with them that allows us to better cater to our clients’ long term skincare needs.

These 3 philosophies guide Porcelain, and are evident in every aspect of our business, such as treatment development, product research and staff selection. At Porcelain, you know you can trust us in delivering the results you are looking for.

Address: 15 Cantonment Road, Singapore 089739
Telephone: 6227 9692

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday, 11am to 10pm (last appointment 7.30pm)
Saturday, 9.30am to 8pm (last appointment 6pm)
Sunday, 9.30am to 6pm (last appointment 4pm)

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