We’ve all had that colleague who shows up at work one day glowing and rejuvenated. Her secret?

“I had the most amazing body massage Singapore has to offer.”

We know you’re tempted too! But a quick search of ‘massage spa singapore reviews’ brings up just too many results! Feeling overwhelmed and confused? Let us help you find out more know about all the massage services Singapore houses.

Massage Spas – is it for you?

There is perfect spa service for everyone.

massage spa singapore

If work requires you to labor deep into the night, missing precious sleep, you might be struggling with lethargy and unproductivity. What better way to recharge than with a revitalizing massage? A good massage naturally awakens your mind and body – more effectively (and healthily) than caffeine.

For office workers confined to their seats for long periods – unwind with a full body massage. Let a trained masseuse release all the tension in your muscles, and bring you into a state of sheer tranquility. For all the hard work you’ve done, you deserve to be pampered!

Now for the ladies who value health and beauty. Spa treatments remove toxins from the body, increasing blood circulation and oxygen. The result is a firm, toned body and vibrant skin. If you struggle with bloating near the time of the month, lymphatic body massage is ideal for reducing water retention.

For all its amazing benefits, massage spa services are highly specialized. So, where do you find the best spa Singapore can offer? Here are some niche spa services Singapore loves.

 Spa services in Singapore raves about

Massage for Mommies

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(Source: ph.theasianparent.com)

Prenatal massages are now go-to for women seeking relief from pregnancy side-effects. From hormonal stress to backaches, massage spas can do wonders for mommies to-be. To aid in recovery and ease breastfeeding, postnatal massages are also highly recommended.

Beauty.Mums & Babies

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Mommies are loving the Beauty.Mums & Babies massage spa service. Their trusted team of professional masseuse provide a wide range of pregnancy massage services targeting a variety of pregnancy side-effects. At $150 – $180 per session, new mommies are lauding prenatal and postnatal massage to be a worthy investment!

For the health conscious

massage services singapore

With rising public health consciousness, we can’t miss out the health spas Singapore has grown to love. Going beyond mere temporal pleasure, health spas focus on repairing injuries and health issues. Health spas are ideal for clients keen on rehabilitation coupled with indulgent bliss.

Body With Soul: Total Healthcare Network

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couple massage spa singapore(source: www.bodywithsoul.com)

Our prize pick for health spas goes to Body With Soul: Total Healthcare Network. The physiotherapy-massage service – under their wellness clinic – hosts an impressive panel of medical experts and physiotherapists. What we love most is the pre-massage physiological assessment, allowing your therapist to tailor their massage to reap maximum health benefits for you.

The Lovebirds’ Special

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When it comes to couple massage spas Singapore has joined in the craze. Local couple massage services are becoming equally popular for young lovers celebrating Valentines or anniversary; and married couples looking for much desired we-time. Couple massage spas are customized with a private, luxurious ambience and services designed to enhance the charm of romance.

Estheva Spa

massage spa singapore reviews(Source: Estheva Spa’s Facebook page)

Estheva Spa has gone the extra mile catering to massage-loving couples. Indulge in their plush VIP Couple Spa Suite, and select from a menu of popular couple spa packages. Fancy being massaged with premium chocolate and delectable honey? We highly recommend the unique Choc.Honey Indulgence package for 2. The available packages range from $420 – $710 per couple, but we all know you can’t put a price tag on love! Go ahead and surprise your loved one with a special treat!

Massages are perfect for luxurious relaxation, and a great way to stay fresh and healthy. With the expanding range of massage spa services in Singapore, wouldn’t you love more information on massage services and best spas Singapore has?

Do check out our posts on therapeutic massages as well as our take on the traditional full body javanese massage!

Tell us what you’d like to know! We bring you the most current and comprehensive guide to massages around Singapore.

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