Of the traditional massage Singapore loves, Javanese full body massage is one of the most popular. Utilizing established techniques rooted in deep tradition, Javanese massage has endured in Singapore because of its proven effectiveness. There are so many massage services Singapore offers now, you must be spoilt for choices! Read on to find out if Javanese style is the best massage Singapore has for you.

Javanese Massage Techniques

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The Javanese technique is an Indonesian inspired full body massage Singapore adores. It uses a combination of pushing and stroking to apply deep pressure. Trained Javanese masseuse employ all parts of their hands – from knuckles all the way to their thumbs. Each area of their hand is perfectly tailored to produce several types of pressure and effect on the body. Like most traditional massages, Javanese full body massage is a wholesome technique with a whole range of massage moves. Source

Traditional Massage Beliefs

The Body Meridians are channels of life energy in traditional Chinese medicine. They correspond to the vital organs of the human body – including our kidneys, heart, spleen, liver, and intestines. Injury or unhealthy habits may block these body meridians, leading to pain and lack of energy. Javanese full body massages unclog the energy meridian blockages through a series of pushing and pressing of appropriate areas.

Accumulation of Toxic Wind is said to result in flu, congestion, and rheumatism. These can be corrected with full body massages in Singapore. Javanese massage dispels the accumulated wind through robust massaging strokes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, health benefits of wind expulsion is plentiful.

Better Health with Traditional Massage

Blood circulation Poor blood circulation can make you look pale and sickly, in addition to reduced energy for work and play. This can be corrected with a session of full body Javanese massage in Singapore. With its intense movements, Javanese massage stimulates blood circulation to its maximum, allowing better flow. You will leave feeling and looking recharged.

Drain lymphatic system The lymphatic system is one of our body’s circulatory networks. Often neglected, it is in fact of vital function to our health. Healthy flow of our lymphatic fluids ensures optimum functioning of the immune system. If you are prone to falling sick, head down to a Javanese body massage in Singapore to stimulate your lymphatic system. It does wonders to your health!

Attention, all beauty-conscious who are plagued with bloating and water retention near their time of the month! Javanese massage can also drain the lymphatic fluid in your body.

Fat Busting, Happy Mind

full body massage servicesReduce Cellulite Ladies will be pleased to know that Javanese massage can make you look slim and toned. Unsightly cellulite is the product of poor circulation under the skin surface. An effective way to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation is by engaging the best Javanese massage service in Singapore. They can flush out toxins and establish balanced circulation in our body. Say hello to a svelte body after an excellent full body massage! Source

Reduce depression and anxiety In the busy city of Singapore, we are all caught up with work. Without knowing it, our stressful lifestyles may be causing depression and anxiety. Over time, this has serious repercussions on our mental health. Clinical depression and anxiety may be alleviated by taking better care of our physical health. One safe, natural and quick method is through massage. Traditional Javanese massage, especially, has great health boosting benefits that relieves anxiety.

Javanese vs Balinese Massage

What’s the difference between Javanese and Balinese Massage, and which should you go to? Well, that depends on the experience and treatment you’d prefer. For a more relaxing experience, Balinese massage is more suitable for you. In Singapore, Balinese massages are most popular in the spa setting. Paired with aromatherapy and reflexology, Balinese massage is your to-go if you’re looking to unwind after a long day.

Javanese massage is perfect for anyone seeking greater health benefits. As with other traditional massage, essential oils are a feature of Javanese massage in Singapore. The treatment itself may be more intense, with rougher movements akin to Chinese ‘gua sha’ body scraping. If you’re seeking an effective energy booster with visible health benefits in Singapore, book an appointment with a Javanese body massage today!

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Best Javanese Massage in Singapore

Healing Touch Spa is a well-loved local spa with several branches. Looking for a decent Javanese massage? You’re at the right place! For as low as $55 per session, you can enjoy an absolutely luxurious Javanese Fusion Oil Massage. You can even book online immediately at Healing Touch’s website.

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Located along Bukit Timah, Spa de Java is staffed with certified Javanese masseuse. Their Javanese massage service promises to loosen up any knots or tense muscles with expertise.

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