You’d never believe the amazing, unconventional ideas of these creative massage services.

Guess what guys, massage services in Singapore are getting creative. Going all the way to a spa or massage parlor? That’s old news! Here are the 6 weirdest places to have a massage in Singapore, some you have never heard of!


1. In the Office

What!? That’s right, massages just where you need it! Long hours of sitting at our office desk often leaves us with stiff necks and numb legs. This is the perfect opportunity for employers to reward their hard workers with an on-site office massage. The massage can be done during meeting breaks, or as a special treat to power performers in the office.

Why? Singapore office massage is the premium way to improve job productivity. A quick massage session can release the tension in employees, sharpening their minds and enhancing creativity. Such treats are also an easy method of boosting office morale! Happy workers are the best workers: this quick and healthy massage session is the key to staff welfare.

Who? Aleyda Mobile Spa provides corporate massage and spa services in any Singapore office. From head to toe massages, to mani-pedi and facials, Aleyda would leave you spoilt for choices! Best of all, the duration and treatment can be tailored to your budget!


2. Cruising with Style

What!? Set sail with the most luxurious massage session! If you’re hosting a yacht party in Singapore, why not set the bar higher by including your very own massage service for your pampered guests? Being off shore, in the gentle waves and sunset, sets a magical ambience that can’t be complete without a relaxing massage or spa service.

How? Cruise massages in Singapore cater to a huge variety. Your type and length of cruise is customized by you. Be it a romantic getaway for 2 guests, or a party of 200, you will find the massage service in Singapore for your dream cruise. Best of all? Party or bonding activities, aromatherapy, and a ton of other services are available on demand!


Who? One of our favorite cruise massage services in Singapore goes to Lush’s Sparty© Cruise. Not only do they have boats for charter, they are highly attentive to your preferences! For 20 guests, the Sparty© Cruise massage spa service is SGD$4,500 and above.


3. On the Road

What!? Roadshows, exhibitions, and other events can hire massage services as a unique appeal to their clients. These massage services in Singapore can occur anywhere and everywhere – as long as an event location exists! Engaged by the host, this unconventional massage and spa is undoubtedly one of the zanier marketing strategies around.

Why? Who can resist a massage service in Singapore once they see it? This is what marketing campaigns bank on when they use unusual but eye-catching massage services to attract customers. Not only do you draw a crowd, you also please your potential clients! It’s a complete win-win marketing strategy.

Who? Promising certified therapists and premium massage equipment, Essential Kneads fulfills your essential needs when it comes to massage for marketing campaigns. You can efficiently get a quote by filling a form online.

4. The Massage Marathon

 What?! Sooth your sore muscles with a well-deserved massage… exactly where your sports event is! Massage services in Singapore have been traveling straight to a range of sports events: marathons, national sports competitions, even corporate sporting retreats. Whatever the type of sporting event, as long as there are tired and tense muscles, Singapore massage services will deliver.

Why? The increasingly health-conscious Singapore has seen a flood of marathons and sporting events of late. What better way to create a holistic health experience than with a relaxing massage after physical exercise? As all athletes know, warm-ups are not the only important aspect of exercise. Cool-downs are vital for maintenance of muscles and better sports performance. A massage session can do just that. In Singapore, massage at sports events are plenty, allowing you to fully care for your body.

Who? For the most specialized sports massage, visit Strong Massage Singapore by Core Concepts. Loved by renowned Singaporean athletes, Strong Massage offers on-site services to cycling events, triathlons, rugby matches, and more. They have a variety of packages to fit your budget, starting from SGD$109.                                      Photo by Jeremy Tiong

5. The Fashion Relaxation

What!? Singapore has thoroughly spoilt their fashion forward crowd! Prestigious fashion shows such as the Audi Fashion Week 2014 provided their guests with mobile massage and spa services at the pre-show lounge. A massage session by the best of Singapore is a premium service just right for the high-end, pleasure-seeking crowd.

Why? Fashion is all about beauty and wellness. The crowd at Singapore fashion shows recognize the importance of sculpting their bodies with massages and spas. Not only is a massage great for detox, it can also have toning and slimming benefits for beauty lovers.

AshleyIshamcredits: Rita Yam

Who? At the most recent Audi Fashion Festival, OSIM provided a paradise for rejuvenation. With high-end equipments and skilled massage services, guests at the festival had their well-being taken care of with expert massage and spa sessions.

6. In Containers???

Nope, this is not a joke. Nimble Knead is quirky little massage parlour in Singapore that doubles up as a cargo truck. One of its kind, the place is the first themed massage parlour in Singapore. Step inside and be wow-ed by their indie decor and unusual surroundings.

Stacks of cargo containers line the interior of Nimble Knead. Guests are invited into containers for their massage session. After the massage and spa service, guests can extend their stay with a cup of tea in a zen backyard.


As the mobile, on-call massage services in Singapore expand, we are seeing more and more creative and unconventional ideas by massage and spas. The experience is no longer confined to parlours and spas. To cater to the growing needs of Singaporeans, massages are appearing outdoors, at events, or straight to their client’s doorsteps! We are anticipating more quirky and fun themes and concepts for Singapore massages, with Nimble Knead as one of its pioneers. Let’s look forward to this creative burst in Singapore massage and spas together.

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